Monday, July 12, 2010

Korean snacks are really great.

Been kind of MIA for the past few days due to an incredibly crippling migraine. But here is what you missed:
L's boyfriend, Han Joo, stepped off the plane fresh from S. Korea. And we were there to welcome him.

That's me and K & L's brother, Brent.

We went to a Traveler's game (they lost) and then went out for drinks at Creegan's. Kat and Gary joined us.

Saturday -- migraine.

Today Andrew and I browsed foreign language aids at Barnes & Noble. We are thinking about brushing up on Latin and maybe even another language. I'm leaning towards Italian. Did you know you can go to Italy and take a 2 week language course at a university? You spend the mornings in class and the rest of the time out, immersed in the language and culture. And apparently, during those two weeks, you are able to learn more than in an entire year in a classroom stateside. And that a lot of the time, these "language vacations" cost less than a typical vacation. Score! We're going to Italy!

Oh and I also discovered that our local Walmart now sells shirts and other apparel from my high school.

And, just an FYI, I've recently been entertaining the idea of going to grad school. But if I do, it's going to be somewhere amazing. And it'll be to do something no one saw coming.

And LB, look for the latest installment of the CD exchange club coming to a mailbox near you.

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