Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year in Review:

Dear 2011,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the last 365 days. I've enjoyed our time together much more than your predecessor, 2010. I appreciate the fun times you gave us, such as:

Getting crafty around the house, including this table we made for the dormer window:

Making a t shirt quilt out of my high school shirts:

Watching it snow like crazy:

Andrew running in the Little Rock Relay Marathon:

Celebrating the retirement of a good friend (and the man who officiated at our wedding):

Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary (!):

Our new, super amazing bikes (and all the bike rides we went on):

Celebrating Andrew's 28th birthday (and my first homemade cheesecake):

Catching the last Harry Potter movie in theaters:

Our first and last trip to Las Vegas, NV:

Making Andrew's t shirt quilt:

That time I got plantar fasciitis: 

All of the brave new cooking we did:

These were all great memories but none of these are what I hope to look back and remember about 2011. What I want to stick with me are the quiet moments in between the big ones. Those moments when we're just us, together in the quiet, doing nothing and saying nothing. I want to remember how it feels to be me at this very moment in my life -- standing on the edge of my future, side-by-side with my best friend.

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