Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You're Killing Me Smalls!!

Do you remember the part in the movie The Sandlot where the kids all rally together to try and save a baseball signed by Babe Ruth? Now try and recall the scene where they rig up the huge erector set that drops in a Mars rover to catapult the baseball back over the fence. Do you remember the result of that clever plan? Utter destruction. All of the metal pieces were wadded up into a steaming pile and sent flying back over the fence.

What you see here is a result of a clever plan caused by our very own Sandlot monster: Tillie. She is brilliant. She can figure out the levers, bread ties, caribiniers, you name it.
Today, I out smarted her and I clipped the caribiners in such a way that she wasn't able to escape.


the hard plastic and metal was ripped, torn, and bent.

Tomorrow our dear Tillie is getting hardwood floors installed into her penthouse. Beat that Tillie.

Today Space: Above and Beyond = Awesome. The words are synonymous. Try using it in its abbreviated form next time you feel the need to say "awesome".
"Did you see the last ER?" -"Yah, it was SAAB!"

...its catching on.

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