Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A year in review:

As 2014 draws to a close, let's do a recap on what may have been the most monumental year of my life thus far:

Tillie celebrated her sixth birthday in style.

We found out baby Sever was a boy.

We finally bought a house.

We moved.

We decorated a nursery.

We had a baby.

We started our cloth diaper journey (and fell in love).

I reignited my passion for sewing.

We celebrated our first Halloween with our baby Yoda.

Other items of note:
  1. We did lots of home improvements.
  2. We officially became adults with the purchase of our first washer, dryer, and fridge.
  3. We got to introduce M to all his family members.
  4. M tried solids for the first time (and hated them).
  5. I took a 3 month vacation from work this summer to hang out with a newborn.
  6. Andrew got a promotion and sort of killed it in the freelance department.
  7. M experienced his first Christmas.
We have had such a great year, it's hard to imagine anything ever topping it. Here's to 2015 and all the adventures it's sure to bring!

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