Saturday, November 14, 2009

Home Goods = No good

The roof is done. Finally. I won't post any pictures on here until the gutters get installed though because it still looks kind of funny without them.
We went to Home Goods in Conway today. It sucked. I did see some cute pillows that I liked but put them back because I didn't LOVE them. And I've started this new thing where I don't buy anything that I don't absolutely love. I did see some cool lamps but couldn't justify buying new lamps right now. Anyway, Home Goods will disappoint you. It isn't nearly as cool as they make it out to be on the commercials. Don't waste your time. And if they've got one up in St. Louis that you or someone you know frequents and loves it, well, then it is probably better than ours and I would love that one too. Everything is better in St. Louis.
We went for a walk today around with neighborhood with Tillie. If you look behind me in the photo, you can see a neighbor's house that got rolled. And being an expert roller, I am allowed to criticize another's work. And it wasn't bad. And I give them props whoever they are because they must have known this family wasn't home and that their art would be displayed all weekend long. Way to go.
Also, the longer you look at this picture, the weirder my right eye starts to look.
Watched a video about Google Wave tonight. It is going to be pretty cool, I think.

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