Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting for Tomorrow:

J.Crew is opening tomorrow. I never thought this day would come. I've been dreaming about it, planning for it obsessively, and making Andrew text the manager at YaYa's for updates for months. It's finally here. I've already picked out what I'm wearing tomorrow (I'm going shopping during my lunch break): chambray shirt, cropped pink wool pants, and heels -- all J.Crew.

Andrew and I did a major closet overhaul (so, more like just me) in preparation for the crisp weather and J.Crew opening. There are about 4 shirts left on Andrew's side.

So, I'm getting my hair cut next Thursday (yay Kat!). I'm overdue. My hair is beginning to become unruly. I am starting to look like a wild woman. During the summer, I feel like this is more acceptable. But when the weather gets cold, I become a more polished version of myself and I feel like my hair needs to be a reflection of that. So, I've been debating about what I want for a while now: part of me wants to cut it quite a bit and then part of me wants to leave it long. And then there's this little nagging voice in my head telling me, and it has been since the beginning of the summer, to get bangs. Like these:

via keikolynn
My mom always told me I couldn't have bangs, that I wouldn't look good with bangs because my forehead is too short/small. But I'm starting to think maybe she's been wrong all these years. I think these might work. But I'm afraid of commiting to this haircut, hating it, and being stuck dealing with it for months until it grows out. Anyone have any suggestions?

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