Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Love about Living:

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I have been crazy busy this past week, this week, and even more so next week. I'm not complaining; I would rather be busy than having nothing to do, but I hate being busy this time of year. I love Fall. I love absolutely everything about it: bonfires, beautiful foliage, pumpkins, wool socks, tights, crunching leaves on the sidewalk, the crispness in the air, and the season premieres of all our favorite television shows. Being busy all the time makes it fly by too quickly. And I hate missing it. So, in an attempt to hold on to this wonderful season for as long as possible, here is a list of reasons why I'm enjoying being alive right now:

  • wearing beautiful clothes and feeling beautiful in them
  • taking evening strolls with the family
  • feeling like I am a part of something and doing something good
  • cuddling in a nest of blankets with a puppy
  • exciting possibilities and potentially incredible opportunities
  • making tacos for dinner multiple times a week and not feeling guilty about it
  • being able to glimpse my future and see that it is going to be incredible

I'll try to pop back in here over the next week to share an outfit planned for a good friend's wedding, a pretty drastic haircut (fingers crossed I don't chicken out), some new music, some upcoming trips we have planned, what books we've been reading, our new TV picks, and how our holiday plans are shaping up. Because if you know me at all, you know I've been planning all this for weeks in my head.

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