Thursday, April 5, 2012


We've been a couple of running fools lately. And as I am a somewhat still person by nature, this has been a major feat for me. To get myself pumped up for a run, I rely on some really good beats. These are the songs that are giving us the energy to push through the miles these days:

  1. Run the World -- Beyonce
  2. New Workout Plan -- Kanye West
  3. Stronger -- Kanye West
  4. Who Invited You -- The Donnas
  5. Empire State of Mind -- Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys
  6. Teenage Dream -- Katy Perry
  7. One Girl Revolution -- Superchick
  8. Firework -- Katy Perry
  9. California Gurls -- Katy Perry
  10. Fire in Your New Shoes -- Kaskade ft. Dragonette
  11. Canned Heat -- Jamiroquai
  12. Pot Kettle Black -- Tilly and the Wall
  13. Move Along -- All-American Rejects
  14. Lose Yourself -- Eminem
  15. Single Ladies -- Beyonce
  16. Party in the USA -- Miley Cyrus
  17. Bulletproof -- La Roux
  18. Sexy and I Know It -- LMFAO
  19. Anthem Part 2 -- Blink-182

Sharing a playlist is kind of personal thing. I mean, there are songs that I am a little embarrassed to admit I listen to. But I can't help what gets me pumped up. And I can't ignore a catchy beat. So, forgive me my Miley Cyrus and Superchick and I'll forgive you yours.

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