Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This week:

You ever have one of those weeks where sitting on a Monday, thinking about everything that has to get done, makes you feel so incredibly beat down before it even happens? I think this is going to be one of those weeks. I can feel it. Also, my planner tells me that will likely be the case. This is the busiest week of my whole year and my game plan is to just survive. Just keep treading water. Friday has to come eventually, right? And when it does, you better believe there will be some major celebrating going on over here. That celebration might be in the form of a hot cup of tea and a bedtime of 8:30 but I'll be partying on the inside

Here are a few things I will no doubt resort to in order to keep myself going this week:
  1. running my butt off at running clinic -- great stress reliever even if my legs and lungs are killing me by the end of the hour
  2. treating myself to the special edition of Domino magazine (out tomorrow!)
  3. changing immediately into pajamas the second I get home
  4. lazing around in bed all evening with Friends DVDs, the iPad, and bottomless cups of tea
  5. going to sleep before the sun has set
  6. planning some retail therapy for the weekend

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