Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Weekend:

Happy Weekend, everyone! What are you doing with your free time? My plan: sleeping. For some reason, this week I feel like I haven't been sleeping well. Not that I can't sleep, just that it isn't restful. And I've felt sort of off all week because of it. So this weekend, I spending a lot of time sleeping. That's it. Just existing in the blissful nothingness of sleep. Glorious.

Here are a few highlights from this week:

  1. Running in the rain with friends
  2. Eating cheese dip for dinner
  3. Going to the first marathon training group meeting
  4. Turning terribly sad moments into reaffirmations of love with family and friends
  5. Scoring some cute new fall clothes on sale (!) and in small sizes (!!)
Have a good one! XO.

1 comment:

K.walk said...

ummmm...I'm really stoked that you went running in the rain with friends!! You have friends!!! ;-) I love you, Marge, and SO glad that you have peeps that reaffirmed their love for you!!!