Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Weekend:

Happy Friday, guys! Another weekend is upon us. Wahoo! What will you be doing with your precious free time? Any plans? I've got a long run planned for early Saturday AM and then a schedule packed with lots of lying around. I've got a few projects that have been patiently waiting on me to finish them so I plan on taking a crack at that as well.

Here are the most interesting things that happened around here this week:

  1. H&M (FINALLY) opened their online store last week. So, naturally I've been creeping on them and ordering way too much. 
  2. I tried running intervals and actually really enjoyed it. I'm thinking about running them during a 14 mile race I've got coming up next month.
  3. We've developed an unnatural obsession with old Arrested Development episodes. We've been watching them every night.
  4. I'm sewing new pajamas!
  5. We've been tossing the idea around of a trip to Florida to do some diving. And perhaps a trip to Hogwarts (!) Anyone interesting in joining us on a good, long road trip?
Have a great weekend, everyone! It's going to be ridiculously hot out there so be safe, hydrate, and wear lots of sunscreen!

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