Thursday, March 20, 2014

The to-do list smackdown:

This past weekend was our last before the big move. So, even though my energy might be touch and go these days, we decided to become the most productive versions of ourselves and delve into all the projects we had lined up. And I'm happy to report we were very successful in accomplishing just about everything on our to-do list. Here's a little of what went down:

I finally got all the sheets made for baby M's room! My mom let me use her sewing machine since mine is currently packed away and I set to work. I followed the same technique I used for the last set (see here) and it only took me about an hour to make two more sets. I guess I got faster after the first attempt. So, once those were done and packed away, we were able to cross it off our list.

Little Miss Tillie made it to her yearly vet appointment to get her shots and a checkup. The vet gave her a clean bill of health and even remarked on her impressive muscle tone (all those runs and walks must be doing her good). She got a handkerchief when she was done and I had to take this photo of us together with our matching animal print. So, vet appointment -- check.

We took all of Andrew's old textbooks to our local Goodwill Book Donation center. They have a store here that is strictly books so we were finally able to unload all of those heavy textbooks that have been lingering around for a while. There was no way those were making the move with us and now, instead of collecting dust on the shelf, someone else might be able to use them. Win Win. While we were there, we browsed their collection of children's books and ended up coming home with 3 books for $4. Mission complete.

We got a lot more accomplished, including: packing up a few last minute things, cleaning, cooking up some delicious food to freeze and eat on all week, another DIY project (more on that soon), and boxing up and consigning some of our old clothes. We had a ton of clothes that we no longer wear so we took them down to our local consignment store and walked out with over $100. The extra cash will go to our new home improvement fund and the remaining clothes are getting donated to a local thrift shop this week. 

After all that, I feel so much lighter and much more prepared for this move (tomorrow)! It feels good to be able to finally cross those last minute items off my list. 

P.S. Today is the first day of Spring! Finally! This horrible winter is over! Bring on the flowers, bare legs, open windows, and sandals!

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