Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The story of the new desk unveiled

Tuesday we woke up feeling pretty creative. So we decided to finally get to work on making use of the armoire sitting in the corner of our living room/kitchen.

So we went on down to Lowe's.

Picked up some wood.

Took a few measurements of this cabinet.

Made a few cuts.

Added a few nails and two coats of paint.

And made ourselves a desk.

Isn't it beautiful? It was something completely new for us. It may not have turned out exactly how we wanted it to, but we did it all by ourselves and we are proud.
What do you think? Fabulous isn't it? Don't pretend like you're not impressed.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my mom!

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Laura said...

awesome! I'm super jealous!

Ben said...

I'm not impressed. Ok, I'm pretending.

That is really cool. I covet that workshop, for real.

Me said...

Well--I am definitely impressed! Build me one! LOL

1953/4/12 said...
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