Friday, June 25, 2010

"Was never much but we made the most"

camping trip 2010

We are preparing for a trip to the Boston Mountains. And I, being the obsessive person that I am, of course have to plan everything out down to every single piece of clothing that I will need to bring. So here is my packing list. You fashion conscious/neurotic people will appreciate my excessive need to spend an entire evening focused solely on my clothing and accessory choices (I've actually been thinking about it for a couple days, I've only now just finalized it). The rest of you are just going to have to deal with it. And here are some pretty interesting things to look at whilst you're dealing:

Catalog Living -- a hilarious "look into the exciting lives of the people who live in your catalogs". Ever looked at a catalog and think "who in the world actually has a pitcher of lemonade just sitting out by a lawn chair in their backyard?" Or "are there actually people who think a ship's wheel is acceptable wall decor?" Well this blog actually pokes fun at all those ridiculously over-styled magazines. Apparently, the lady from those Sonic commercials is the mastermind behind it. And trust me, it really is hilarious.

J.Crew has a beautiful new video introduction for their new collection. It really is beautiful. I want to curl up inside of a J.Crew catalog and live there for a while. And be best friends with Jenna Lyons, the Executive Creative Director for J.Crew. She is my hero. Well, one of them anyway. I want to be just like her. And I want her job.

Radical Face -- I am LOVING their song "Welcome Home". It is fantastic. They are fantastic. You can check them out on iTunes or Amazon.

* I am getting the sense that not many people enjoyed the whole "languages of the world" thing as much as I did. I thought it would be fun. A kind of secret message, like the whole Orphan Annie decoder ring thing. Apparently not. In the future, I will save my love of Google Translator for chats with certain ladies and my personal documents (reading things I've written in another language makes me feel so smart and incredibly European).

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