Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I want to ride my bicycle

For his birthday, Andrew got a new bike. Well, not an actual bike, but the promise of a new bike. I didn't want to pick one out for him not knowing what he wanted, so I told him I would take him to pick out the one that he absolutely loved. We've been looking around at bikes for a few weeks now and I think this bike is leading the pack:

We've been riding mountain bikes for a few years but since we don't do any extreme off-roading, all those gears and everything just seem kind of pointless. We have a massive amount of bike trails around here so we wanted something that could manage those while still being fun to ride. And we wanted something that looked awesome and kind of retro. Enter the beach cruiser. Stylish and functional. Andrew saw a few that caught his eye at Gearhead when we were in Jonesboro this past weekend but then he also really likes this red option that we've spotted in LR.

We're dreaming of riding these beautiful bikes around on lazy Saturday afternoons, sunglasses on, "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry playing in our ears, and a picnic basket strapped to the back, on our way to enjoy a lunch down on the Arkansas River.

Now only if my bike would bite the dust so I could get a matching one. Except I'd add a basket to the front and fill it with pretty flowers


Ben said...

Regan of Junque here in St. Louis has tons of these bikes that could be had for a fraction of the cost - and it would be real, instead of a reproduction. The bike would need work, but you guys could work on it together and then it would be really special.

I'm just saying.

Ellen said...

Ben--I think Maggie saw one she wanted the same day you and Andrew both bought your wooden shelves. Did she ever get one? Mom