Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A few weeks ago, I bought the Tulum Bracelets from JewelMint (my absolute favorite place to buy jewelry, I cannot get enough, I am completely addicted):

They are really beautiful but Monday I was at work when I noticed that the larger blue and white one was starting to come apart. I knew this wasn't a common occurrence; most of their pieces are really well made. But I emailed them to see if I could exchange them for a new set and send mine back. Today I got an email back from them saying they would just issue me a credit and I could keep the bracelets. So rather than buy the same piece again (I wasn't really all that crazy about that larger bracelet because it was so big on my wrist and slid around all the time anyway), I decided to get something different -- the Sea Breeze Earrings:

Check out the video about them:

If you haven't check out JewelMint yet, you really need to. Their stuff is really great. And really reasonably priced (every piece is $29.99 but they have sales and promotions all the time so I've rarely paid full price for any of my pieces). And if/when you join and buy your first piece, I get a credit for free jewelry. And then you can do the same. Tell all your friends. Click here to get started.

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