Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crescent Hotel:

I'm in Eureka Springs until Friday for work. We're staying at the Crescent Hotel, which is apparently, America's most haunted hotel. When I first got here, I was telling Andrew that my room might be haunted when my cell phone cut off. And coming back up to my room after dinner, I passed by the ghost tour that had stopped in my hallway. I heard the guide telling them that guests on my hall sometimes complain about getting woken up at night by what sounds like a ball bouncing. Apparently, there is the ghost of a small Victorian boy who bounces his ball in the hall at night. I was worried I would have trouble sleeping tonight, but the massive sleeping pill I just took makes me confident that I won't have any problem at all.

I had some free time after arriving this afternoon, so I took a walk around the little downtown area of Eureka Springs. Some cute shops. I got some salt water taffy from this old-fashioned candy store. I'm going to try to refrain from eating them so I can bring some back to Andrew.

Read more about the hotel, its past, and its creepy inhabitants here.

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