Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We made cookies:

Oh man, last week I found this cookie recipe and literally couldn't stop thinking about it or talking about it all week (just ask Andrew). So this weekend, I decided to try them. The recipe is called "the only chocolate chip cookie I will ever need to know how to make for the rest of my life". And they weren't kidding. They are seriously amazing. I had to freeze half of the dough to keep from eating all of them in one weekend. So if you are on a diet or watching your calorie intake for upcoming races and beach trips (like me) then stop reading right now. I'm serious. Get out of here. Because you won't thank me for what you're about to see.


Mouth watering yet? I thought so. But don't get too excited. These cookies require patience. Like 36 hours worth of patience. So even if you marched out right now and got all the stuff to make them, you wouldn't be able to eat them until mid-week. But trust me, so worth it. 

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