Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Week:

We're spending the week at the beach on a much needed vacation. Here's what we'll most likely be up to this week:
  • Enjoying the sunrise during morning runs on the beach
  • Taking naps under giant hats
  • Eating plenty of fresh fruit (preferably in a hammock)
  • Catching up on our reading under an umbrella
  • Jamming to some summer tunes poolside
  • Doing a little retail therapy with the girls
  • Slurping back countless smoothies
  • Drinking Mexican Coke while burying our feet in the sand
  • Enjoying mixed drinks while in the company of friends
  • Eating all my meals outside (my favorite)
  • Trying new restaurants every night
  • Jaunting through the waves
  • Laughing. A lot.
Have a great week. We'll be back here on Monday with all the details from our trip!

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