Monday, July 9, 2012

Mixing drinks:

For our last journey into drink-making before our trip (we leave this weekend!), we decided to try our hand at my favorite drink of all time: the margarita. In the past, we've made these from mixes but in an effort to cut down on artificial flavors and added sugar, we've decided to make them from scratch. Thus, we bring you the Real Margarita:

Our verdict: Not so good. I know you're probably thinking "how in the world can you screw up margaritas?" but trust me, I did. I should get some kind of award or something. It was really bitter and did not resemble my favorite drink in the slightest. So Andrew added a little simple syrup to sweeten things up. But then it just tasted too sweet with not enough of that citrus twist. And then the ice started to melt so it tasted watered down. So I didn't like it. How in the world can I be 0 for 4? They all seemed like such good ideas. 

So, what has this process taught me? To definitely try out new drinks before talking them up or serving them to others. It's been fun, but for our trip, I'll probably just stick to rum and coke.

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Lew said...


well, at least you gave bar-tending a whirl. since you're so good at everything make-able, it's been kind of hilarious, and a bit refreshing, to read about these failed attempts. i hope you won't give up writing about gross drinks. and I hope you have a marvelous time with your friends and anderson on the beach!