Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday:

Sunday was Andrew's 30th birthday. To celebrate, we spent the day doing anything and everything he wanted. Naturally, this involved massive amounts of eating. Literally, we just sat around in comfy clothes and ate all day long, basking in the blissful, glorious, we-have-no-obligations silence.

We ate quinoa tabbouleh, Greek salad, cookies, cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread (most amazing, ever), veggie burgers, fries, and delicious orange dreamsicle floats. In very large quantities.

Andrew got a new drawing tablet, gaming keyboard (nerd alert), and my favorite surprise ever -- 30 different kinds of root beer! Because didn't you know? The proper way to usher in your thirties: gorging yourself on massive amounts of soda. I think this might become a tradition with us. At the start of each new decade (thirties, forties, fifties, etc.), you get the corresponding amount of the beverage of your choice. It helps keep things positive: the older you are, the more you get. This is either going to be a capital idea or a complete disaster. On the one hand, you get delicious treats to celebrate having survived another year (or in this case, decade). On the other hand, with this indulgence comes diabetes, obesity, and if your beverage of choice is alcoholic, liver disease. Decisions, decisions...

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