Monday, June 3, 2013

New Reads:

I recently read A Dog's Life by Peter Mayle for my book club. Have you read it? It's a cute little book. Short and sweet, which is nice after the tomb of a book I read before it. 

So, basically, it's a dog's memoir. I like memoirs and autobiographies because they enable authors to tell the audience things about themselves you might not have known otherwise. And it's so much easier to be the person who shapes what someone thinks of you than to have someone else do that and have to go behind them and re-shape that idea. Opinions are not easily changed.

This little book tells the story of a dog called Boy. From being abandoned as a puppy to wild tales of life in his new home, it's full of funny stories, anecdotes, and life lessons. And not being a cat person myself, I can totally relate to his thoughts and feelings on the feline species.

If you're looking for a short (130ish pages) uplifting book, this might be it. It's broken up into easy to digest chapters; it shouldn't take you long. And it's not one of those books that needs to be read cohesively. So, even if you have to set it down for a time, it will be okay. It's unobtrusive. And I can appreciate that.

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