Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Weekend:

All hail Friday, the bearer of the greatest gift an adult in the working world could ask for -- the weekend! Can you tell how excited I am for two days of not having anything to do? Plus...


Got anything fun planned? I am getting a long run in with the girls (insanely) early Saturday morning because it's just too hot to run more than six miles at any other time of day. And we're going to drop in (with cookies) on some friends to give a fond farewell to one of our own being deployed. And Sunday is our anniversary -- six years (!) of marital bliss!

Here's what's been going on around here lately:
  1. I've been cross training by swimming laps (per the suggestion of my orthopedist) a few days a week with A's swim team. It's a nice break from running, keeps me out of the sun, and being in the water just feels so great.
  2. Mellow Mushroom, one of our favorite pizza joints, opened here in Little Rock this week! 
  3. I've been thinking about getting into triathlons -- anyone have any advice?
  4. To celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to treat ourselves to scuba diving lessons!
  5. Got together with my book club this week -- so much fun to sit around and discuss with people who share my love of the written word.
Have a great summer weekend, everyone!

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