Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Weekend:

Happy Friday, everyone! Another weekend is upon us. What do you plan to do with it? I absolutely must get a long run in since the inclement weather kept me from getting it done last weekend. And one of my oldest and dearest friends is leaving Saturday to head back to the city she currently calls home. I'm sad to see her go but am hoping we can fit in an early morning doughnut run before she hits the road.

Here's a look at this week's highlights:

  1. Reuniting 2/3 of the Order for almost two whole weeks has been amazing
  2. Pizza and good conversation with some of my oldest friends made my week
  3. We have been taste testing the birthday root beer -- results coming soon!
  4. Leftover cookies from the birthday eating extravaganza have kept me happy all week long
  5. Bought my tickets to my 10-year high school reunion (!). So, it's official: after much deliberation, I have finally decided that I will be attending
Just realized that almost every single highlight of my week (and life, apparently) revolves around food. This is not a misrepresentation. Pretty much our entire lives revolve around eating good food. That, and our pup.

Have a good one! XO!

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