Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy weekend:


Happy Friday, everyone! Got any fun plans? I might be volunteering to man a water stop during a race on Saturday morning. I say might because I still haven't decided if I want to stand outside in the cold early hours of the morning passing water out to runners. We'll see.

Here's a little of what we've been up to lately:
  1. I have had the most fun picking out fabric for upcoming projects. I thought it would be hard to find "boy" fabric because I'm naturally drawn to stuff that is more feminine, but it has been surprisingly easy.
  2. We have been working on some free/inexpensive artwork. I love getting crafty and working on it as a team has been really enjoyable. Can't wait to share all of our creations with you!
  3. We have been killing it on the cooking front lately. I don't know how veggie pretzel dogs came to be so delicious but I can't seem to get enough of them.
  4. We have officially started the "let's buy ourselves a house" process! We are looking at houses this weekend!
  5. And we've finally settled on a name for this little boy. Feels so good to have made that decision.
Have a great weekend, friends!

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