Thursday, January 2, 2014


Let's take a look back at last year's resolutions, shall we? I think it was a pretty successful year.

How we did: Done! And then some. See more here.

How we did: We haven't made the move yet. But it is totally happening in 2014. As soon as we buy a house, it's on!

How we did: I think we did a decent job of stepping away from technology this year. It's a lifestyle really, so I think we'll get better as we go.

How we did: To tell you the truth, learning to make really good bread is a long process. I don't know why I thought we could tackle this in a single year and be done with it. It's an evolution. It takes a lot of making mistakes and learning from them. So, while we did better this year than the year before, we definitely have a long way to go. 

I've made some goals for 2014 as well. Read more after the jump!

This one is happening whether or not I want it to so I might as well make it a goal. At least then if I don't somehow manage to get anything else done this year, I can cross this off my list and feel better about myself.

Once I'm back in the swing of things, I plan on training my butt off. My PR for a half is 2:07. I'd like to beat that time this year. It would be amazing if I could finish in under 2:00!

Without a doubt, this is the year we are making this happen. Hopefully soon, too!

I've got some upholstery projects in the works. I'd like to learn how to do it and do it well.

What are your resolutions for the year? Do you even set goals for yourself? I used to be a lot stricter on myself about the things that I wanted to accomplish but life has taught me not to plan too much. Plans have a funny way of not working out. So now I just set some loose guidelines for myself. You know, just things I'd like to learn or take on over the course of a year. It's a nice way to continue to challenge yourself to grow as an individual, I think.

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