Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The story of our new chair:

The other day, Andrew and I were driving home when we spotted this beauty sitting out by the curb in front of someone's house:

The really great thing about this chair? It's our new chair for the future nursery. Intrigued? Appalled? Click through to find out more.

With purchasing a new house on the horizon, we're looking to furnish Baby Sever's room on a budget. That's why when I saw this chair sitting all alone on the curb, I made Andrew turn around to pick it up. It may not look like much now (that huge stain on the back is actually a wet spot and has since disappeared), but it has real potential. I have big plans for it. Plus, it was free! You can't get a better deal than that.

So, what do I have in mind for the future of this homely looking piece of furniture? I'm going to strip it down to the frame, add new padding and a new seat cushion, change the legs, and reupholster that bad boy. Here are two of my upholstery front runners:

The one on the left is this micro suede and on the right, this velvet that I am insanely in love with. Currently, I am leaning toward the velvet (obviously). I've never used velvet for upholstery before though and am not sure how it would hold up over the long haul. Because I plan on keeping this bad boy around for a while. 

I'm thinking something like this Queen Anne leg to replace the existing legs (or leg, in this case):

I'm a bit nervous about doing the barrel back but my mom (who has many upholstery projects under her belt) will be helping me. 

I'm excited to get this process started and bring this piece of furniture back to life. I'll try to keep you updated as the project progresses. 

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