Tuesday, August 5, 2014

And we're back...

Sorry for the radio silence, people. But I am just now feeling like I have a handle on things around here. And now that things have settled down a little, I'm ready to rejoin a world populated by adults. So, in an effort to catch you back up, here's what you missed:

  1. M was diagnosed with silent reflux. I'm told it's pretty common in infants and his is a mild case so he will probably grow out of it in a few months, but it's still scary. Some nights I lay there worrying about whether or not he is going to suffocate on his spit up. Needless to say I don't get much sleep on those nights.
  2. We experienced our first of many rounds of immunizations at M's two month appointment last week. He cried, I cried, Andrew cried. It was rough. We gave him lots of snuggles and he came through it like a champ.
  3. He's over 12 pounds now (a super chunk) and is finally fitting into his cloth diapers. And let me tell you, I don't think I've ever had more fun buying something that it going to be covered in poop. Seriously, it's more fun than buying shoes. I might be just a little bit obsessed.
  4. We've had many visitors over the past two months: Andrew's sister, his mother, and his brother is coming on Friday. We have loved getting to spend the summer with family and introducing little M to the world.
  5. I've been trying to work on the house while I'm home. I had huge plans to get a lot done. So far, I've fallen short on just about all of them. I can only really tackle things during nap time and to be honest, I'd rather be napping too. So, that's what happens most days.
  6. We had M's newborn pictures done and are in the process of deciding which ones we want. It's so hard when they are all so stinking cute. But unless we want to spend his entire college fund on photos, we've got to make some decisions.
  7. I'm back in the running groove. I took almost 6 months off (I walked during that time) so getting back up to the level I was at before has been really difficult. Not to mention the summer heat is oppressive. I'm up to 4:1 intervals and working towards increasing my speed and distance before October. Soaring Wings Half or bust!
  8. Andrew got a promotion and a new office. He's now a Senior Web Developer and I couldn't be more proud. He works so hard!
  9. M's sleeping through the night now. He has been repeatedly giving us 8-9 hour stretches for almost a week now. As someone who needs a lot of sleep, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Now if we could just get him to go to bed a little earlier at night...
  10. M's started smiling now. And it is the cutest thing on the planet. He is changing so much, it's unreal. I try my best to soak it all in every single day. Last week, I bought him some clothes for next summer (during the end of summer clearance sales) and I had to buy 12-18 months. I cried.
I'm trying to figure out this whole schedule thing and how to do the things I used to do and still make time for my little man but it's difficult. Maybe I need better time management skills. Maybe I need to give some things up. Maybe I just need to have patience. Probably it's all of the above. Just hang in there as we resume our regular programming.

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