Friday, April 30, 2010

Jack's Mannequin is my very fave

So, my all time favorite band is Jack's Mannequin. I love them. In fact, there may not be anyone who is as crazy about them as I am (except for you, LB).

Here is what I love about them:

Andrew McMahon. He is so incredibly talented with the piano. If you've ever seen him play, you understand. Its beautiful. You can tell just by watching him that he really loves what he does. And he is an amazing song writer. Especially with his latest album, The Glass Passenger. He battled leukemia while writing the songs for that cd. And not only did he kick it's butt, but was able to use his experience to write some incredibly moving songs. I completely connect with that entire cd.

My favorite song -- Swim:

And today I added this documentary to my Netflix que -- the film made using all the footage that he took to document his experience with illness and how it impacted his music. I'm excited to watch it.

So, let's review. Mr. McMahon: plays the piano, lead singer for 2 different successful bands, kicked leukemia's tail, and made a documentary about it all by the age of 27. That's amazing. His story really is amazing. You should read more about him. And buy his albums.

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