Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blokus! Yes, please!

Slow Wednesday night here at home. Dinner, a little tv, and a bit of reading.

Settling down now to a few games of Blokus (our newest board game!) with Bridget Jones, my best friend.
Have you ever played Blokus? It's already won over 20 international awards and been voted best game of the millenium or something. And it's fun!

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K.walk said...

Hi. I have never played "Blokus" but any friend of yours is a friend of mine.

Hello. I had a stressful evening and didn't feel like I should vent to yet another person, even though the thought of calling you did cross my mind.

BUT!!then my eyes saw the package you sent and I remembered seeing a card that was for a "bad/stressful/lonely day" - so I opened it - thank you for your UBER sweet words of encouragement. It really meant a lot to me...I feel like God keeps sending me so much encouragement even in the midst of mild frustration..(I had the teenagers over tonight)..anyway, thank you for being a friend. I heart you long time, Meghan Sever. Thanks for loving me!!!