Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Here are some things I can tell you about.

Not a lot has been happening lately in our world. At least not much to talk about.

Andrew and I got sick over our Thanksgiving break. I ate nothing but a plate of broccoli. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday because I hate eating. Or at least "typical" holiday food.
I was finally feeling better by the beginning of this week.
But this morning Andrew woke up feeling awful. I think he has the flu.
And I got to hang out with one half of the dynamic Walker duo. Three weeks and counting until I get to see her again.
I have eaten Chick-fil-a fries for at least 4 meals over the past week. And it has been amazing.
I'm still addicted to cyber week.
And we made our own avocado sushi for dinner last night. Delicious.

I have some pretty cool things to share with you. Maybe I will do that at work tomorrow. So check back here soon.
But that's it for now. Sorry, I will work on being more interesting.

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