Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I snagged this cute pair of Bensimon Ladies' Parisian Tennis Lacet the other day from Ideeli, yet another members-only shopping site that I frequent -- here's your invite (you're welcome). They should be arriving Saturday, around the same time as one half of my favorite set of twins comes to town. 

I've been living and breathing fashion more than usual lately. I've been constantly browsing fashion sites, doing some dream internet shopping (on my own time), and playing dress up in my closet nightly. I've got some posts planned for the next few days that may or may not include the bags I am currently loving and a nerdy little fashion planner that I created.

I never wanted this blog to be a fashion blog. There are already so many of those around, all cooler than I could ever be (see some of my faves here, here, and here). This was always supposed to be an outlet for creativity and expression -- a way to let everyone get a peek into our little hermit world. Yes, granted our (my) world has been infused with shoes, bags, and clothing as of late, but I'm working on bringing back a little more of our "real lives". And we're making plans (pretty exciting plans) for ways to put a fresh new spin on things. So get ready to check that out.

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