Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Reads:

I've been wanting to read Bossypants by Tina Fey since it came out, mostly because she is hilarious. But also because I am in love with her. We're best friends, only she doesn't know it.

From the inside cover:

"Before Liz Lemon, before "Weekend Update", before "Sarah Palin", Tina Fey was just a young girl with a dream: a reoccurring stress dream that she was being chased through a local airport by her middle-school gym teacher. She also had a dream that one day she would be a comedian on TV. She has seen both of these dreams come true.

At last, Tina Fey's story can be told. From her youthful days as a vicious nerd to her tour of duty on Saturday Night Live; from her passionately halfhearted pursuit of physical beauty to her life as a mother eating things off the floor; from her one-sided college romance to her nearly fatal honeymoon -- from the beginning of this paragraph to this final sentence.

Tina Fey reveals all, and proves what we've all suspected: you're no one until someone calls you bossy."

You should absolutely read this book. It is hilarious. I literally cannot stop laughing. By page 8 I was laughing so hard I was crying. This is a big deal.

P.S. Whose arms do you think those are? I say her husband's. Andrew says Alec Baldwin.

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