Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday is for baking:

I hate Sundays. I can never enjoy myself because I know the weekend is coming to a close. But here are a few of the productive things that we did today:
  • worked on Andrew's quilt
  • played video games (okay, so not so productive)
  • made jam
  • bathed Tillie
  • baked cranberry and black tea breakfast muffins for this week
  • made homemade guacamole (amazing, btw)
  • ate tacos, drank margaritas, and listened to the Beatles on the porch (again not so productive but fun. and tasty)
Also, our all time favorite band (mine anyway) is coming to LR in July and we totally scored some tickets! The last time I saw Jack's Mannequin was in Tulsa with LB. It was the most amazing show of my life. This one should be a close second though. Can't wait. And LB, if you can fly home in July, you can totally come with me! Just like old times.

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