Monday, April 11, 2011

shoes and cake:

Here in limbo, we (read: I) have something of a closet crisis. Without a big enough closet, I have had to get creative with my shoe storage. Last night while going through my clothes and shoes for the week (yes, I like to plan my outfits for the week on Sunday night), I realize I had finally done it -- I'd officially run out of room. And Andrew, being the super smart and resourceful person that he is, fashioned a new shelf for me out of an old board and some books:

It's not the prettiest solution, but while we're waiting out our stay here in limbo, it will have to do.

(note: this is by no means all of my shoes, just the ones on the top shelf of the closet.)

We've also been trying to get into the habit of cooking and baking on Sunday for the entire week. We made some amazing breakfast muffins yesterday. And we also made this:

The recipe came to me from a professional chef who explained that she came across the recipe while perusing cookbooks in a bookstore. Never someone to let the pictures of dishes persuade her into buying any book, she took one look at this dish and immediately bought it. And I'm glad she did. It is painfully delicious and is the perfect compliment to my evening tea. Throw in a little online shopping (like right now, for instance) and I'm in heaven.

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Elaine said...

So------what is that you cooked? Does it have a name?