Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's Shop:

Today we're shopping the Old Faithful Shop. They are one of my favorite online shops. In my head, I'm living my life in a secluded cabin somewhere in the Northeast where it is perpetually a cool, crisp autumn morning. And these are the things that I use in my daily pretend life:

  1. Herbal Shampoo Bar --  because it's just that economically smart
  2. Copper Cloths -- for scouring my perfect, non-Teflon pans, of course
  3. The Adventurer's Guide to the Outdoors -- a fascinating read, to be sure
  4. Glass Butter Dish -- because this looks like it's been around (and in use) since the 50's
  5. Classic Pitcher -- for holding fresh milk and wildflowers
  6. Frankie's Organic Olive Oil -- we only use the best
  7. Lemon Scented Board Oil -- for keeping those original butcher block counters in top form
  8. Ceramic Mortar & Pestle -- because we like to grind everything ourselves
Also, have you read their Still Life Journal? It's fantastic -- the stuff of my rustic dreams. Check them out in all their glory here.

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