Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We love:

As a kid, I loved the Mary Poppins series by P.L. Travers. I have copies, even now, in my adult library. That dear old flying nanny has a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed the Disney film adaptation too because, come on, how could you not love something with Julie Andrews in it? Everything she touches turns to gold.

But I just learned that P.L. Travers, the mastermind behind Mary Poppins, actually hated that movie. She, like many authors, believed they butchered her beloved story. And obtaining the rights to her story was a huge ordeal, too. Apparently, Disney made a promise to his daughters that he would make a movie of their favorite book and it took him 20 years to make good on that promise. Interesting, isn't it?

This movie looks fantastic. I mean, I am obviously already invested. It's got most of my favorite things: a really good book, Mary Poppins, Tom Hanks, and Julie Andrews. And it's a true story! It's a movie about a movie based on a book that's based (loosely) on the author's real life.

Can't wait.

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