Thursday, February 20, 2014

New faves:

Warning: this post contains a lot of information about food, okay? Because this is real life and around here, our lives pretty much revolve around what we're going to eat next.

Here's a breakdown of what I pretty much can't live without these days:

  1. Root beer floats -- these are pretty much a staple in my diet these days. But we spring for the expensive ice cream, so that makes it okay, right?
  2. The Honest Co. Belly Balm -- this stuff is magic. Made from all organic ingredients, it smells nice, goes on smoothly, and makes my skin feel all, well, balmy. A little goes a long way so one jar lasts a long time.
  3. Thin Mint cookies -- I've been eating these every night while watching the Winter Olympics. The Girl Scouts haven't delivered any to my doorstep yet so I've been eating the knock-off ones from the grocery store. I'm not too good. And let me tell you, they taste exactly the same. 
  4. Rosehip Seed Oil -- I recently switched up my skin care routine (see here) and this has been a major staple for me ever since. I love it as an all-natural moisturizer. It keeps my skin feeling nice and since I switched, I've had fewer breakouts (!!!)
  5. Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper -- I love this pillow! I sleep much better with it and don't roll onto my back nearly as much as I used to. It has also greatly improved my back/hip pain. I am a much happier person with this pillow in my life.
  6. Chobani Greek yogurt -- I love the blueberry fruit on the bottom variety. I eat it for snack every afternoon and feel good because it's super delicious, is a good source of protein, and I can pronounce/recognize every ingredient.
  7. Weleda Skin Food -- have you tried this stuff? Total game changer. My skin is really dry but this winter, with all of the frigid temperatures, it has been exceptionally so. I keep a tube of this stuff in my desk at work and by the bed and apply it multiple times throughout the day and my skin is so much happier. It's a little on the expensive side but a little goes a long way. Did I mention it smells amazing? Go out and get yourself some now!
  8. Flats -- all of my heels have been benched for the past few months and I have been surviving on flats alone. They make my feet feel so much better at the end of the day. And right now, comfort trumps just about everything else.

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