Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cordova Ice Worm Day

Are you celebrating Cordova Ice Worm Day? What is a Cordova Ice Worm? There is a legend from Alaska that talks of some worms coming out of glaciers to enjoy the freezing weather. And apparently it's a pretty big deal there. They even elect an ice worm king and queen. I would like to have that title.

It was back to work and school for us today. For some reason this week has been really hard and even though its only Tuesday, I am incredibly eager for it to be over with.

Andrew beat me at Sorry! last night and tonight we had a rematch where I kicked his tale. Tomorrow is the face off. Stay posted for the results.

Today I learned that cherry flavoring in an ice tea is not one of those happy mistakes that you occasionally stumble upon. You can go ahead and cross that flavor combination off your list.

Now we are going to get schooled by a bunch of 9-year-old Chinese girls at Dr. Mario online.

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