Thursday, February 26, 2009

National Pistachio Day

Today is National Pistachio Day. If you like them, enjoy a few in celebration.

Today was also my first day back at work. It was alright but I am so tired tonight. It took a lot out of me but at least I am feeling better.

Tonight Kat and I went and checked out the Yoga Fitness Center. We are going to take a class there Monday and see how we like it. Also, we are planning a crafternoon session for some time before then to make bags for our yoga mats.

The bowl I painted for Tillie was finally ready for me to pick up. And Rim, I also picked up the mug you painted. Yep, it was ready the day you left.

Kat has started posting on her livejournal again and I am so happy. I'm glad I could provide some sort of inspiration to you, Thurm. Everyone should check out her blog here.

Good news at work today: my role has changed quite a lot and now I am able to do more of the stuff I studied in college -- the stuff I really enjoy. I am thrilled.

So, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but whenever Andrew posts, it is hilarious. I am going to make him do it more often. It gives me a break and lets him get his creative juices flowing.

Now I'm off to watch 30 Rock and eat the red velvet cupcake I got at Cupcakes on Cavenaugh. Then I'll probably turn in. I'm beat.


Anonymous said...

ok, love tillie's bowl! we have to go so I can make one for lola (and since was sick last time and didn't get to go with you and rim), a crafternoon event for sure!

Lorenzo said...

Hmm, so I commented on andrew's post yesterday but it appears to be deleted and that makes me a bit sad.

Anyway, that's a fine looking dog bowl you painted there. Glad work is offering you some stuff you like doing. I know how sucky it can be constantly doing stuff you hate.

Kristin said...

Margiepantsannonymous! I am so glad that you're enjoying work more! Hooraydles! I am on a recruiting trip and have visited 12 colleges in 5 days so far! CRAZINESS! I'm trying to scrounge up some summer interns. Interested? LOVERS! (Thanks for keeping me updated on your life, I love you a really long time.)