Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nostalgic Sunday

Today we got groceries, and hung out at home for the majority of the day. Andrew has been working so much lately, it was nice to have him around for a change. And I spent an hour or two spending some much needed girl time with Kat and Lauren at Starbucks. And then Andrew and I picked up a few things at Target, grabbed dinner @ Wing Stop, and then came home and bathed Tillie. The picture is a little blurry because it was snapped so quickly. You have to be fast when you bathe her... she's spry.

We are thinking about getting a new laptop. Any one have any suggestions?

Also, I found this link the other day to an archive of old paper dolls that my mom played with as a kid. She saved them in her trunk and I grew up playing with them too. It was neat to stumble upon these as I have many memories attached to them. And it's even more neat that you can download and print every monthly installment from the 1950's to the 1990's. I will be using a lot of card stock and a lot of our printer's ink of these.

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