Monday, February 23, 2009

Rim's Last Night In Town

"cause everyone knows now that every night now will be Reemus's last night in town."

Tonight we celebrated -- and for some of us, mourned -- Rim's last night in town before flying away from us to be in Korea for an entire year. I can't even think about it really without crying. I just have to pretend that it will only be a week or so before I see her face again. It breaks my heart. Over the past few weeks, not to mention the past few years, Rim and I have grown so close that I can't imagine her not being there to talk out my thoughts with.

And so Rim, if you're reading this, we LOVE you and we miss you already. Please call/email as soon as you arrive so we know you made it safely. Have fun love and be careful.

P.S. Andrew loves Tillie. A lot.

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Fru Gal Lew said...

Rim teary-eyed a little to read this. Sardles I didn't get in touch with you, but my communication levels have been rather dubious.
Did my heart of an elephant turn out ok?