Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3/4 of the Order


I've been shopping for clothes with my mom the past couple days. Got some pretty cute stuff. But so far, my favorite thing is this bracelet. It makes me happy. I have been wearing it everywhere.

Got to hang out with Kat and Kristin tonight. We finally did our Christmas gift exchange and went out for dinner @ Sticky Fingerz where I'm pretty sure this drunk guy tried to hit on us but Kat ended up giving him hair advice. It was pretty entertaining.

Then we played this couples game that Kristin got us and it was cracking me up.

And then Andrew and I played Mario. We are getting pretty good at it. We almost have it beat.


This was my first full day as a 25 year old. Don't I look it? Not really. But atleast I don't look 14 anymore.

Happy Birthday Tammy! I hope your birthday is super fun.

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