Monday, November 19, 2012

New Reads:

Good morning, Monday. I'm having a little trouble getting started today so let me stay in my Nora Ephron-created world just a little bit longer by reminiscing about her book I Remember Nothing, which I have just (regrettably) finished reading. 

I loved it. Absolutely. But then again, in my eyes, she can do no wrong. I love her. And while I loved reading this book and laughed out loud continuously, it also broke my heart to finish it. I dreaded reaching the end. I tried to read it slowly; to chew off little bits at a time to savor and enjoy. I knew this would be the end. There is no more after this. But knowing that didn't make it any easier. And I am pretty much crushed.

I miss Nora. I miss her unique voice. I miss her fabulous spirit and drive. I miss how she always made me feel inspired and brave. But I'm thankful to have these pieces of her, forever immortalized in the books and movies that she created. Like this one. It's beautiful. A little dark, because I think she was sick when she wrote it, but still so strong and full of life. Have you read it yet? You really should. You really need to read all of her books. And then watch all of her movies. Spend an entire day doing nothing but just that. And you will get the feeling (like I do when I spend time wrapped up in the genius that is Nora) that she's still out there somewhere, eating some incredibly delicious but yet-to-be-discovered food and laughing. Because whenever I think of Nora, she's laughing.

In case you were wondering what this, her last book, is about:

"Nora Ephron returns with her first book since the asounding success of I Feel Bad About My Neck, taking a cool, hard, hilarious look at the past, the present, and the future, bemoaning the vicissitudes of modern life, and recalling with her signature clarity and wisdom everything she hasn't (yet) forgotten.

Ephron writes about falling hard for a way of life ("Journalism: A Love Story") and about breaking up even harder with the men in her life ("The D Word"); lists"Twenty-five Things People Have a Shocking Capacity to Be Surprised by Over and Over Again" ("There is no explaining the stock market but people try"; "You can never know the truth of anyone's marriage, including your own"; "Cary Grant was Jewish"; "Men Cheat"); reveals the alarming evolution, a decade after she wrote and directed You've Got Mail, of her relationship with her in-box ("The Six Stages of E-mail"); and asks the age-old question, which came first, the chicken soup or the cold? All the while, she gives candid, edgy voice to everything women who have reached a certain age have been thinking... but rarely acknowledging.

Filled with insights and observations that instantly ring true -- and could have come only from Nora Ephron --  I Remember Nothing is pure joy."

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