Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas 2012:

I'm just going to be super honest... getting presents is one of my favorite things about Christmas. I know that's something a kid would say and maybe I still think like a kid, but whatever. It's true.

So here is what I'm wishing for this Christmas:
  1. Joy the Baker cookbook $13 -- kind of obsessed with her
  2. Classic Cambridge Satchel $101 -- perfect for carrying to work
  3. J.Crew Heartbreak sweater $80 -- so cute (and on sale!)
  4. Little Helper container $56 -- one of those things I've loved but never thought to buy for myself
  5. Dorado riding boot $498 -- the boots of my dreams
  6. Puffin Classics books $11.50 each -- love these editions of classics from my childhood
  7. book light $15 -- for reading in dark corners
  8. Young House Love book $17 -- love reading this blog and am looking forward to reading the book
  9. Gold pig bookends $30 -- these would be adorable on our bookshelf (very Charlotte's Web)

1 comment:

Katherine Grant said...

So I may have already got you one of these items and it came in the mail today, so get excited!