Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Reads:

This week, I'm reading Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin and Radiant Health at Every Age by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. It's a nice change of pace from all the fiction I've been reading lately. And it's interesting too. I'm learning a lot about the metabolic diet, cell mitochondria, and free radicals.

Here's what it's about:

"From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Perricone Prescription and The Wrinkle Cure comes nutrigenomics, a powerful new strategy for maintaining beautiful skin and a healthy, youthful body regardless of age. Named one of the four top dermatologists in the United States by Vogue, Dr. Perricone is a bestselling author and revered practitioner whose huge audience includes many of the world's most beautiful faces. Scientists working on the human genome project talk of a bright future for genetic manipulation, one that will someday reverse many of the signs of aging, including aging skin.

That future is now. By following Dr. Perricone's remarkable yet simple program in Forever Young, you will learn how to turn off the genes that cause aging, and turn on the genes that will

  • rejuvenate wrinkled, sagging skin
  • burn body fat
  • increase lean muscle mass
  • improve brain and memory
  • increase energy
  • enhance mental and physical well-being
At the core of his new book is an exciting new science on skin: nutrigenomics and gene expression. With his innovative vision, Dr. Perricone has applied the new science to ease wrinkles and make skin supple, smooth, and glowing. His prescriptive program will shave years off your appearance, increase health and vitality, and enhance mental clarity."

I know I'm young and don't really have any of these problems yet but I operate under the mindset that it is never too early to start taking care of my skin and my body. And the more I know now, the better prepared I am down the road. Preventative measures all the way, you know?

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