Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Weekend:

Happy Friday, everyone! We made it another week!

What are your plans for the next few days? Anything fun? We're going to dinner with some friends tonight. And we've got our longest run yet (12 miles!) on Saturday. And then plan on pretty much relaxing and resting the rest of the weekend. My legs are already killing me!

Here are a few highlights of our week:
  1. We made homemade pasta for the first time! It was delicious!
  2. We finally bought the bookcase I've had my eye on for weeks!
  3. I've been living in my new book, Outlander. I cannot put it down.
  4. Random text messages of love from far-away friends are my fave.
  5. I had a headache Tuesday so I took it easy at home. And had a bonus Mexican Coke. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself.
One of my favorite new weekend traditions are Sunday afternoons spent at the dog park near our house. We walk over and spend an hour or two leisurely reading while Tillie runs around and sniffs her little heart out. So, it's fun for the whole family. Plus, it's usually just us three and the quiet, fresh air, and sunshine feels really nice and luxurious.

Have a great weekend! XO.

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