Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our favorite things:

We're not big on Valentine's Day (see here and here). We usually don't do anything to mark its passing. And we try our best to avoid other people all day (restaurants, stores, etc.) because it just stresses me out (I'm slightly agoraphobic). And with the anniversary of our first date just two days before (February 12th -- Happy Birthday, Lincoln!), we decide to use that day to celebrate each other instead. Nothing fancy, just enjoying each other's company.

So, to celebrate the 9th anniversary (!) of all those butterflies, sweaty palms, and nervous laughter (oh, how far we've come!), we decided to make the evening symbolic of each other and our relationship. I like to think of it as an "our favorite things" edition.

Here's how the night went:

Hilarious. Relaxed. Comfortable. Just as it should be. Just like we are.

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