Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New music:

Lately Andrew and I have been listening to music from the 90's and remembering what it was like to grow up listening to this stuff on the radio. It's nostalgic and just what we both need right now, apparently. So, if you were alive in the 90's, none of these songs are probably new to you but I'm betting you've forgotten about most of these gems somewhere along the way. Allow me to refresh your memory. 

Such great stuff, right? Gin Blossoms! Cranberries! Foo Fighters! Semisonic! So put your feet up, grab a delicious and refreshing beverage, cancel your plans for the next couple hours, and come along with me for a stroll down memory lane. Really brings you back, doesn't it? I can almost taste the Surge (remember Surge?) now.

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