Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How about you:

Today we're playing a little game I like to call "How About You?" I love these illustrations that Emily McDowell did for A Cup of Jo. She is fantastic (one of her drawings is in the nursery) and has one of those sense of humors that makes me think, "hey, we could totally be friends."

So, here we go. Up first, we have those little embarrassing things you do when you're home alone. It's about to get real personal because this is real life.

Here are the things I'm a little ashamed to admit I do when no one is around:

  1. Walk around with no pants on
  2. Sing show tunes at the top of my lungs (all while not wearing pants)
  3. Talk to the dog in a really silly but probably very annoying voice
  4. Sprawl out on the couch and watch movies from my childhood (again, no pants)
  5. Eat cereal for every meal 
  6. Walk from room to room and make mental notes of the cleaning that needs to be done but never actually do any of it
Coming soon: bizarre childhood obsessions, things from the back of the fridge, and what's really in your bag. Get excited.